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Geo-Zones - Countries - Regions/States - Cities

In this article we will explain how to manage your store's:


A Geo-Zone (Geographical Zone) is an organizational area that may include a country with all its cities or several countries or one city or several cities in more than one country. You can divide the countries you will ship to in your store into Geo-Zones, it is possible to specify a payment or shipping method to a specific Geo-Zone, and then the method of payment or shipping will appear only for customers whose address follows the cities or countries specified in the Geo-Zone. The Geo Zones can be used while setting the taxes as well.  You can add a geo zone by going to settings from your store’s dashboard, then language and region:

Then we click on "Manage Geo Zones":

Click on create a new geo zone button, then fill in the required fields. (Geo Zone Name, Description, Country, City, and Zone)

After filling in the required information, click on the Save button. Please note that you can add more than one geo zone for the same country:

You can check this article, to learn more about the Geo-Zones and how to specify a payment or shipping method for it.


Countries - Regions/States - Cities:

By default, all countries and cities all over the world will be activated on your store and when selecting "All Zones" as an option while setting a payment or a shipping method it will include all the countries and cities activated on your store, to manage that, please refer to the Manage Countries & Cities button located in the Language & Region settings:

Once you enter it, you will find all countries and cities are activated, you will find the following actions to control them:

1- To insert new countries.

2- Select the countries you want to delete then click on that button.

3- To export all of the countries shown to your device in the form you want, you can adjust the number of the shown countries from here:

4- To hide/display the columns.

5- When clicking on it, a pop-up window will appear to select the countries you want to disable/enable in bulk:

6- To search for a country.

7- Enable/disable a country with all of its Regions/States and cities.

8- Delete/edit a country.


You have the same very options in the Regions/States part except that you can't enable and disable them in bulk because if you disabled or enabled a country all of its Regions/States and cities will follow that action:

By default, the cities of the states will be enabled by default, and customers will be able to type it manually while placing the order. You have access to add cities manually through the following part:

Whenever you want to reset the countries and cities settings, feel free to click on the red button shown in the previous screenshot.