Custom Registration Form App

Customize your registration page to make it simpler, or to get more information about the customers upon their registration. This app allows you to customize the registration page. So you will be able to hide or show any field, or even rename the field to give a different meaning to the users.


We will let you know how to set up the app's sections in this article:

Firstly, to install the app, we will access the "Apps & Services" section and then search for the app in order to open its page and install it:


1- To enable the app.

2- To make the fields appear in a single column.

3- To enable newsletter subscription by default.

4- To reject the registration if the used phone number is linked to another account

5- To make customers register and log in with their phone numbers instead of their emails.

6- To display a drop-down menu with all of the countries' phone codes.


Attribute length:

To adjust the Minimum and Maximum length of the phone numbers or that password, alternatively, you can set a fixed length instead, if you left their value as zero, there will be no restrictions or limitations for them:


1- To enable the attribute.

2- To make it required to be filled in so the customer can proceed with the registration.

3- To change the field/attribute default name, you can set it in each language activated on the store.