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Adding Products Notes App

Let your customers know everything related to the product by adding many important notes about the products, and also leaving notes for your employees and coworkers, you can control the message and its appearance if it is for customers or employees, using a format that they are familiar with. These notes are used by people to remember things. This means that your customers will not go by without noticing the message.


In this article:

App setup:

Once you have installed the app, you will be able to access its settings. Make sure that the app status is enabled.

You can enable or disable the general use, allowing you to enter numbers/text to be used for multi-purposes. Like: Intensity indicator - Validity - Room temperature. Internal notes are only visible to your team members and are not displayed to your customers.

How to add notes through the product page:

When you access any product page, you will notice that these additional fields have been added which are:

General field: This is a general use field you can enter number/text to use for multi-purposes. Like: Intensity indicator - Validity - Room temperature.

Notes to my team: These notes can be seen by your team, but not shown to the customers.

Seller notes: In this field, you will be able to leave notes to your customers, reflected on your storefront.